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Welcome to shopeez

The Shopeez service will allow you to shop safely and securely from any web store in USA. The price you see is the final price delivered to your pickup point in your country, there are no extra charges after delivery.

This is how: Find the product you want in any web store in USA and enter the required information in this form in three simple steps. The price is shown in local currency. Try to be as accurate as possible when specifying weight and volume (if you specify the wrong values, we will find the correct ones and help you later).

  1. Enter information about prices and shipping.
  2. Enter information about the product.
  3. Verify that the information is correct.

You need to be logged in to use shopeez. We send the goods to the pick up point closest to your address, we send status updates to your email and we send an SMS to your phone when the goods have arrived at your pick up point. When you click the button we redirect you to the login page if you are not logged in.

Product Information

Please enter the product price in $
Shipping price option

What is the cost for sending this item from the seller to zip code 07036(New Jersey)?

Please select a shipping option
Please enter the product freight weight

The freight weight is the highest value when comparing the weight against the volume (dm3) / 5.

Shipping method Air (6-7 Days) Sea (3-4 Weeks)
Please choose a shipping method
Shopeez price:

If you accept the price, then proceed and send the product to the shopping cart, pay and checkout. You can cancel the order until we start ordering your products.

Please enter the product name
Please enter the product link
Important! Make sure this is the link to the product and not to the website or a search link
Examples: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

If there is any important information in the product page that is not provided by the product link, please use the input field above to enter this information.

Please verify and confirm

Product name:
Product link: Check link
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Product price in $:
Box size:
Shipping method:
Shopeez price:

We also make sure:

  • The goods are unscathed when they arrive in our terminals
  • The goods match their description(without breaking the original packaging)
  • The goods are repacked if needed
  • The goods have been documented for export from USA
  • Export taxes for the goods has been payed(if any)
  • The goods have been documented for import into your country
  • Import taxes for the goods has been payed(if any)

You can order several items from the same seller in an order and that is why the fee is added upon checkout so that our fee will not be per item.

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